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19-Year-Old Jamaican Striker On Trial With Aston Villa?

Jamaican newspaper the Gleaner -backed up by the Daily Mirror's James Nursey- are reporting that 19-year-old striker Brian Brown has pulled out of national team camp in order to come to Villa for a trial. Brown was Jamaican high school football's most prolific scorer over the past two years. The Gleaner also reports that he has turned down multiple offers from Red Stripe Premier League clubs and is also entertaining scholarship offers from numerous American universities. Also, his nickname is Rambo. Which is amazing.

I do actually pay a little bit of attention to football in the Caribbean because it's heavily scouted by MLS and the US national team faces teams from the region during CONCACAF tournaments. With that being said, I hadn't heard of Brown until this morning and none of the go-to sources I use for information about Caribbean football seem to know much about him either. That being said, a 19-year-old that's broken numerous schoolboy records and has been called up to the senior national team sounds like the kind of player worth bringing in for a trial. Not a whole lot of risk, and given the relative under-scouting of the region we could end up with a pretty special player if things break right.