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Has Fabian Delph Gone Away Yet?

Too easy.
Too easy.

In the haze of jet-lag that is my life, I missed Wednesday's story that Fabian Delph is set to go on loan to Leeds United (also, check out the amazing photo of him in the Express and Star). Aston Villa did buy the midfielder from Leeds, so perhaps Delph is homesick? Is that why he's under-performing?

Considering the sorts of matches that Delph has had over the course of the season, I doubt there are many Villa fans who would be sad to see him go on loan to a Championship side. He had such potential when he joined the club, and although flashes of brilliance have been seen, they've often been obscured by thoughtless passes and mistimed challenges.

So if Delph can go to Leeds and recover some of what good old Martin O'Neill saw in him in the first place, great. Alex McLeish seems determined to play Ciaran Clark in midfield, so he doesn't need to worry; he's got his two defensive midfielders lined up.

The one thing that gives me a bit of concern about this Delph situation is that AML specifically said, just a couple weeks ago, that he'd be going nowhere. I think I'd rather have a manager that doesn't say anything than one that feeds us all bullshit.