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The End is Nigh : The Arrival Of Robbie Keane At Aston Villa

Hey, look -- a trophy!'s shiny....
Hey, look -- a trophy!'s shiny....

Ah the oncoming apocalypse. I never thought I would ever take such a silly premonition seriously but the signs are finally clear to all to see: First off we have the return of Thierry Henry to Arsenal and scoring again for them. Then we have Barry Bannan's favorite midfielder returning from retirement to save his beloved club (did you know Paul Scholes is Bazza's favorite? Why haven't you been paying attention?).

For the final sign of the oncoming doomsday, we are at the imminent arrival of a certain Robbie Keane to our beloved Aston Villa. So comets and asteroids are going to bomb us Armageddon style now, right? For about 4 years we have heard the constant link with the talismanic Republic of Ireland striker, but at the age of 31, what could he possibly offer our side for his proposed 2 month loan?

Well having the L.A. Galaxy as the closest thing to a local team, I have had my eye on him leading to this season and surely he won't disappoint.. For one, if this was a certain computer game he has the uses 1-2's option to his name which is something we haven't really seen this season. His finishing is still pretty decent, which, in combination with his constant seeking of the ball, he is already ahead of current form Darren Bent and Emile Heskey.

But if it fails to work out thank god it's only a 2 month loan, if it works well hey, maybe the Fonz will learn something too, and adapt to his style of play and become the striker we all hoped for.

But back on topic: Robbie Keane+Paul Scholes+Thierry Henry=Mayan Doomsday.