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Bent is Fine, Aston Villa Can't Keep Up with Super Clubs, Herd the Scot, and More - AVFC Roundup

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He'll be back!
He'll be back!

Good news today on the injury front, some refreshing (?) honesty from the gaffer, and international intrigue! Let's get right to the links today.

  • Darren Bent seems ready to play against Everton on Saturday, which is phenomenal news if you would like to see Aston Villa bump their goals scored total to four. Who knows? Maybe we can get to five!
  • On the Darren Bent injury front, this headline amused me more than anything else I read yesterday.
  • Alex McLeish has said what we all were thinking, and somehow it's huge news. I'd be remiss not to give it to you, so here we have McLeish fessing up to the fact that Aston Villa can't keep up with the big clubs financially. I will admit to being honestly confused as to why this is news. Is there anybody who thinks that Aston Villa can run with the big boys financially? What would be far more interesting is seeing a way to get around the inherent problems.
  • Apparently Australian Chris Herd has the option to play for Scotland, and Alex McLeish is encouraging him to do so. I kind of love the idea of Aston Villa taking over all of the non-England teams in the British Isles. That'll show all of those former Villans on the three lions.
  • Finally, former Villan Luke Young makes an interesting point by saying that it may be more fun to play for a relegation-fighting team (QPR) than a middle-of-the-table one (Aston Villa). I was first inclined to take this as a burn on Villa ("Hey, I like playing in new place better!") but it's worth thinking about. As a fan, we'd never like to see our team fighting for their life, but it does make for something that is undeniably more exciting than plain mediocrity. What do you all think?

Be sure to check back for Friday Feedback today, as we take a look at transfer window regrets! We'll see you here for the gamethread tomorrow.