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Some Good News On Darren Bent's Groin

Yesterday, Darren Bent's groin was "touch and go." I'm not sure if anyone took him up on that offer, but today Alex McLeish* revealed the full extent of the forward's injury -- by telling Aston Villa fans what the boo-boo is not. Apparently, the groin problem isn't serious. Bent won't miss 2-3 weeks or 3-4 games. He's training, but he's not "exposed to the hard ground."

I hope McLeish realizes that, at Goodison Park this weekend, Bent will be exposed to the hard ground. He'll have to be on the pitch, not in the pool. Which means he'll likely need to train before Saturday's match against Everton. One would think, anyway.

So stay tuned as we travel through this non-serious injury saga together. No news may be good news, but I'd really rather have some solid information about Bent's ability to play, rather than know just how long he almost certainly won't be out.


*I suggest not thinking about non-Sir touching Benty's groin unless you want your brain to explode out your ears.