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Top Five Greatest Goals -- Video From Oh It Must Be

Sometimes, you're back from vacation, struggling to wake up, let the coffee sink in, and a lovely person hands you a gift that you can share with your readers -- and not even have to think! Ah, bliss. So sit back and enjoy these top five greatest-ever goals from Aston Villa. And let the short shorts remind you of the many reasons we're glad Robert Pires is no longer wearing claret and blue.

Be sure to catch the other videos from Oh It Must Be while you're at it. More often than not, this season seems like a dreary slog, a boring 3420+ minutes to get through as the Villa attempt to achieve stability. But there's 137 years of boys running around in the Villa strip. When Alex McLeish and his point-at-all-costs tactics start to wear you down, take a look at the history. Or grab a drink. Either works.