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Back to health, Fenerbahçe for the kids, and Bannan on the Microphone - AVFC Roundup

You don't have to fly to be in Swan Lake, Barry.
You don't have to fly to be in Swan Lake, Barry.

Hello all. Apologies for the late links, but we've got some pretty great ones today, including a wee bit o' Bazza.

  • Aston Villa should be able to run-out a full-strength squad this weekend, as Jermaine Jenas, Darren Bent, Emile Heskey, James Collins, and Ciaran Clark are all slated to return from injury trouble. I think the most reassuring bit of news here is that Collins did not break or tear anything in what looked to be a pretty bad ankle injury against QPR. He may not actually be ready this weekend, but he's not out for long.
  • Darren Bent was glad to see Barry Bannan score his first premier league goal off a penalty against QPR, but he has no plans of relinquishing penalty-taking duties for the team. Bent is great from the spot, so it's hard to disagree with him, but his motivation leaves a little something to be desired. He's quoted in the Express and Star article as saying that he wants to take penalties because "It adds another five goals per season." How about taking them because you're the best at them?
  • The Aston Villa youngsters will be taking on Fenerbahçe in their second match of the NextGen series. The match occurs today at 1900 GMT, and will be on AVTV (though I assume only audio commentary). It might be worth listening for no other reason than (KIRSTEN ALERT!) Barry Bannan will be doing color commentary with Jack Woodward. This could be amazing.
  • Finally, here's a quick Q&A session with Mat Kendrick that I found awfully enjoyable. It's neat to hear an almost-insider perspective of the club.