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Warnock's Fury, Hutton's Regret, Villa's Point - AVFC Roundup

Happy Bazza, for Kirsten.
Happy Bazza, for Kirsten.

Happy Monday to all of the fans of one of only four unbeaten teams left in the premiership! Let's jump right to the morning links.

  • After yesterday's 1-1 draw against Aston Villa, QPR manager Neil Warnock was enraged at the match's referee. I mentioned this on the 7500 twitter feed, but the job done by Michael Oliver was nothing short of atrocious. Certainly, it is only through his grace that Villa were given a goal, but the fact that so many cards were given in the game (many for tackles that seemed rather harmless) speaks to Oliver's trigger-happy nature. (And even if it didn't do that, it would speak to a clear lack of control from the official.) I know it's standard to hate Neil Warnock, but I think he's right on this.
  • Alex McLeish was not happy yesterday, especially with the team's first-half performance. And he shouldn't be. That said, the further removed from the match I get, the more I tend to agree with Aaron and be encouraged by the second-half performance. We were a lucky break away from securing three points outside of Villa Park. (Sure, we were also a lucky break away from having nothing.) Had Richard Dunne somehow gotten out of the way, Villa would be sitting in fifth right now. More of what we saw in the second half could mean good things for this squad.
  • Also, be sure to check out Dan's recap at Aston Villa Central. 
  • Finally, Alan Hutton has decided to air his dirty laundry from his time at Tottenham. Apparently things there aren't very great. As much as I like to see other clubs made to look bad, I always kind of hate it when players do this. Why can't they just move on. It's not like Hutton has been amazing here. We get it, things stunk there, but at least part of it was due to your poor performance. At least show us something good before you go mouthing off.