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Fix Aston Villa In Time For QPR - Friday Feedback

The Fonz taught me this move.
The Fonz taught me this move.

It sure doesn't feel like we're getting ready to watch an unbeaten team take on a newly promoted minnow does it? I don't exactly feel waves of excitement heading into Sunday's match with QPR. To put it mildly, Aston Villa haven't inspired much of anything with their play over the first five league matches other than the urge to sleep in. With opinions ranging from things need to settle in and hey we're unbeaten to this team is boring and awful and I can't watch them play anymore because it's a crime against nature; it's time for your feedback.

Here's the question: It's been a suboptimal few weeks for Alex McLeish et al. What changes would you like to see made this weekend at QPR, and what sort of result would make you happy? As always (or since last week), I'll give my answer here and you'll kindly give yours in the comments because you're a loyal, dedicated reader and you smell nice and hey, is that a new shirt? It's awesome.

It's a wonderful stroke of luck that Aston Villa are playing Queens Park Rangers and that's not meant as a knock on the recently-promoted side. It's just a fact. It might even be nice for the boys to get away from Villa Park. I might also be making things up so I feel better about the match. I don't feel that great about the match - in fact I'm dreading it. Another frustrating game against a team that Villa has to beat will completely ruin my Sunday because the Bears are going to get massacred by Green Bay shortly after the final whistle. That's five hours of pure misery that I'm not ready to deal with. 

Alex McLeish is under some pressure already. We all know he wasn't immediately welcomed by some of the die-hards but here at 7500 we had our own concerns about his managerial template and so far he hasn't let us down. And I mean that in the worst way. Villa are boring as hell. To help the club come out looking a little more competent and lively, I've come up with the following plan: ELEVEN FORWARDS I would use Hutton, Dunne and Collins but I'd throw Ciaran Clark in at left back because I'm officially sick of Stephen Warnock being dribbled through like he's auditioning for a Disney movie about a ghost that becomes England's worst fullback ever but is also an adequate father who tries hard and possibly has a love interest. In midfield, I'd let Delph think about things on the bench and start Petrov (sorry) and Bannan in the middle in more of an attacking role. I'd have Blaze on the right, to start, and Gabby on the left, where he's looked good at times. Then I'd have Bent, who I hope is fitter than last weekend, playing in a poacher's role with Nathan Delfouneso as the other forward. This is probably an insane idea but everything else has been a failure. Also, when the American Villans wake up on Sunday morning and check Twitter for the team sheet and their eyes bug out of their skulls and they're thinking about how they have to see this madness, well, that's a hell of a lot better than what we're probably going to see followed by the sounds of heads hitting pillows. 

The only result that I'll be happy with is three points. If they come in a dull manner I'll use those three points to ease my growing concern. If they draw or lose, I'll be mental and I'll have to do whatever it takes not to rant like a crazy person all over the Interglobes. I don't want to rant like a crazy person so please win. 

And with that, if you were in charge, who would you employ and what would you try to do on Sunday to help push the claret and blue on to a victory? And not just a victory but an exciting victory! Or would you be ok with a draw? A spirited effort in defeat? Make lots of comments because we love them.