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Aston Villa In Euro 2012 -- Bet You Can't Guess Which Nations Are Represented!

He's so wee!
He's so wee!

Hey guys, it's international break time! Don't tell me you haven't noticed. Rather than see what the likes of Alan Hutton and Jermaine Jenas can do this week, we have to wait in agony for next week's match against Everton. And what do Aston Villa fans get instead? Some players off at international duty, playing for their countries in Euro 2012 qualification.

Villans In Euro 2012

Bulgaria v England (20:15 CET, 14:15 ET)

This match pits Darren Bent against Stiliyan Petrov! At least, I assume it does...I haven't taken the time to actually confirm because I'm lazy like that. Anyway, England might not have a hold on winning the group, with Montenegro having their cheeky ways with other nations, but they're almost certainly through to the tournament. Watch for Ashley Young to continue to be fantastic for England. Sniff.

Republic of Ireland v Slovakia (20:45 CET, 14:45 ET)

Shay Given and Richard Dunne take on the team of yours truly. Sadly, with Dunne's revived fitness and Given's new lease on life, I'm a bit worried for the repre. They're more about the attack than the defense, and if their attack doesn't actually work, well, it's going to be Ireland and Russia going on to Poland/Ukraine.

Wales v Montenegro (20:45 CET, 14:45 ET)

Poor James Collins. Wales may not have been mathematically eliminated yet, having played one less match than the rest of the group, but the Dragons are going nowhere and they know it. But hey, Montenegro is fun to watch, so there's that (who am I kidding? Go watch Ireland - Slovakia).


Scotland - Czech Republic (16:00 CET, 10:00 ET)

Good news folks! There is nothing to do on Saturday but watch Barry Bannan take on the entire Czech Republic. Oh, and Alan Hutton, too. Can't forget about him. I sure hope Bazza is able to take a break from teaching David Goodwillie how to play Football Manager and demonstrate his other skills. After all, Alex McLeish is sure to be watching his beloved Scotland. Right?