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Bent is Unfit, God returns to Villa Park, Gabby's happy, and more - AVFC Roundup

I guess it wasn't just the offense sleepwalking through the second half.
I guess it wasn't just the offense sleepwalking through the second half.

I have spent my entire Sunday reading for school, so this is going to be quick today. That said, I think there are a few things you ought to enjoy reading!

  • Paul McGrath, also known in Birmingham simply as "God," was at Villa Park on Saturday. He was there as an official ambassador of Acorns Children's Hospice. I don't know a ton of Villa history, but I know enough to adore McGrath, especially when he is supporting Acorns. Be sure to check out the photo gallery provided by the Official Site. 
  • Alex McLeish has said what we all were thinking: Darren Bent looked terrible this weekend. I can't be the only one getting worried about Bent's inability to finish lately can I? My hope is that it's nothing more than a fitness issue. The alternative is terrifying. 
  • And two quick bits on Gabriel Agbonlahor. The first is an echo of what we read on Friday: he, and the rest of the team are happier under Alex McLeish than they ever were under Gérard Houllier. Secondly, Gabby does not think that footballers are overpaid. His logic relies on the fact that there are other athletes who are paid more. I adore Gabby, but that's like saying that bacon-wrapped hot dogs aren't bad for you because somewhere in the world there are deep-fried bacon-wrapped hot dogs.