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Agbonlahor's Thoughts of Quitting and More - AVFC Roundup

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Glad you stuck around Gabby!
Glad you stuck around Gabby!

Normally pieces during the week that aren't breaking news are pretty much just fluff that we all try to read something into. However, today's lead story really was a fascinating read and a bit surprising too. I hope you enjoy!

  • Newly-revived speed demon Gabriel Agbonlahor was contemplating leaving Aston Villa if Gérard Houllier had stuck around, according to The Telegraph. Players disagreeing with managers really isn't that shocking, but no one is more loyal to Aston Villa, who has been with the club since he was 10 years old. I'll say that I liked Houllier and what he was doing, but if even players like Gabby hated him, I'm glad he's gone. It's apparently better for the team. I usually don't put much stock in a player or two complaining, but this came as a bit of a shock to me. 
  • Stiliyan "2% of his long-range shots" Petrov is eager for the competition that will be provided for him once Jermaine Jenas is healthy. I think he's got a reason to be, as well. It seems that McLeish loves him despite some obvious flaws, so I imagine Jenas eats into someone else's playing time. Who do you think gets pushed aside for the loanee?
  • Apparently James Collins wasn't too happy to be left off the Wales squad in Euro 2012 qualifiers, and who can blame him given his recent run of good form? Alex McLeish gave him a nice talking to and we've been assured that James will use his attempt to get back into the Wales XI as motivation for an even better season.

    As a side note, I honestly think the Dunne/Collins revival this season is the coolest thing in the world and is not being talked about nearly enough. I love beautiful, attacking football. But you know what else I love? Not seeing Aston Villa concede tons of stupid goals. Plus Collins and Dunne seem like pretty nice dudes, so I like seeing them happy, too.

That's it for the links today. Come back in a little bit for the new version of Friday Feedback!