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Petrov seeking the back of the net, Jenas and Heskey timetables and more - AVFC Roundup

Will Heskey's injury mean more of Ballet Barry?
Will Heskey's injury mean more of Ballet Barry?

Hello there! Apologies for this not being up at its normal time. Rest-assured we'll be back on schedule soon. Let's get right to the news:

  • Emile Heskey looks to be out for a couple of weeks with the injury that saw his early substitution in the Everton match. I won't say this is great news, but I think forcing Alex McLeish's hand elsewhere might do the team some good. Also in the Birmingham Mail article is news that Jermaine Jenas is aiming to make his debut in Tuesday's Carling Cup match against Bolton.
  • Apparently Stiliyan Petrov has been given more license to go for goal, and will be exercising his new-found freedom liberally. On one hand, I like the idea of Petrov at least trying to link up well with the attack. On the other hand, Petrov 3 km. shots ahoy!
  • Apparently Shay Given was Tim Krul's mentor when the Newcastle keeper first came to that club, and it will be adding a bit of fun for Krul in this weekend's match. This story is adorable until it leads to Krul getting a clean sheet out of spite.
  • Finally, Richard Dunne has had it up to here with people blasting him for anything other than his on-pitch performance, and he now no long cares what you say. So long as Alex McLesih is happy, he is. Now he's going to take his ball and go home.

    In all seriousness, this seems to be a slow news day story. Was Dunne poor last year? Undoubtedly. Has he been poor this year? Quite the opposite, in fact. If he can keep that up, I know that we, for one, will keep singing his praises. (Paul McGrath might do the same, but I promise you we won't make a music video from our singing.)