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UEFA Champions League Open Thread, Tuesday September 13th

Aston Villa won't be playing in the Champions League any time soon, but that doesn't mean we can't still talk about it! Quite a few good games today; the biggest is likely AC Milan-Barcelona, but quite frankly I'm not especially interested in that one. Milan bores me to tears and as incredible as Barcelona are, I've gotten just a bit tired of watching them to be frank. If I want to be able to actually enjoy the latter stages, I'm going to need to limit my exposure.

The game I'm most excited for is Borussia Dortmund-Arsenal. If you haven't watched Dortmund, do yourself a favor. They are amazingly fun and everything to love about German football all rolled into one. Plus they have a guy named Götze. What's not to like. It will also be interesting to see whether Arsenal are any closer to getting the ship righted; frankly, I'm expecting Dortmund to win this one in fairly comfortable fashion, but the Gunners clearly have enough talent to prevent that from happening. It's just a matter of whether they can actually not play horribly.

Also games worth watching: FC Porto-Shakhtar Donetsk (this might be the most entertaining of all of them, honestly) and Olympiakos-Marseille (if you want to watch Jean Makoun be awesome and weep.) But you can talk about any and all of them below; if you have actual insight on APOEL F.C. (that cannot be gleaned from their Wikipedia page) I will be duly impressed.

For live coverage of today's Champions League games, head on over to SB Nation Soccer.