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Everton - Aston Villa Match Report: A Twitter Retrospective

I gotta be honest--doing these Twitter reports on for matches that Aston Villa haven't lost are the best part of my week. The accounts that the 7500 to Holte Twitter follows are often witty and observant. Capturing the best ones and showing them all to y'all is much more fun than analyzing why Emilie Heskey shouldn't be starting.

As always, everyone included here is a quality follow. So give them a look, join in the Villa chatter, and follow the 7500 account to get noticed. We always follow back (unless you're a spammer).

But before we begin, I'd like to show off this one, mostly because I got coffee up my nose when I read it:

Anyway. You know the drill. Expressive language after the jump, so go forth only if you're not going to be offended by that sort of thing.