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Questions Over Fulham - Aston Villa, Still Running Riot In Birmingham

Here in London, it seems like things have calmed down (cross fingers). But the madness continues in Birmingham, despite the efforts of the community to pull together and clean up after last night's looting. As Robert wrote this morning, there is something about sport that connects us in strange ways. Being supporters of the best team in Birmingham*, even seeing the devastation on the streets from a distance is difficult. I can't imagine what it would be like to be there.

*I wanted to make a snarky joke here, but somehow, those just haven't seemed appropriate the last couple days. We can re-embrace rivalries when life turns back to normal.

Speaking of normal, there's a slight danger the London matches on the weekend will be postponed, meaning, of course, Fulham v Aston Villa. As I mentioned, it seems to be calming down here, and if everything is in check tonight, that might not be needed. A decision will not be made until Thursday, however.

Be safe, Birmingham. Take care of each other.