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Friday AVFC Links: Joey Barton Seems Unlikely and John Carew Dumpster Diving

Fans look on in terror as John Carew's career comes plummeting back to Earth.
Fans look on in terror as John Carew's career comes plummeting back to Earth.

There's not a whole lot of news today, so I've thrown in a few endearing stories to go with the usual mash of transfer rumors and other bits. I apologize for not putting up a post on Wednesday, by the way. I took a mental health day from work and that shot my routine up. Not sitting here to do the links meant I didn't think about them until around 5 PM. Whoops! Anyhow, onto the Friday news:

  • Alex McLeish has thrown a towel on any rumors that connect Aston Villa to recently fallen from grace midfielder Joey Barton, according to the Express and Star. I can't say this really disappoints me too much. We've got a bevy of midfielders and Barton has the habit of being a bit of a divisive force. The last thing Villa need this year is more reason for people to complain.
  • The one type of story that won't go away (especially with Eck's "Clean Slate Policy" [yes I think it deserves to be an official title]) is the "_____ excited for a new go at things." Today's Mad-Lib player in the Birmingham Mail is Habib Beye, who thinks he stands a reasonable shot at beating both Luke Young and Eric Lichaj for the starting Right Back spot. And realistically, he probably does. But for the sake of the team, I hope he eventually falls to third on the depth chart. Young is our best option at the position now with Lichaj a bit behind. Go ahead and use Beye a bit, but let's get him out of the system quickly. 
  • Former Villan John Carew might end up covered in scum, as Birmingham City are apparently showing interest in him. Regardless of what you think of Carew, I assume we can all agree that we wouldn't wish this on our worst enemies. Good luck finding a job elsewhere John!
  • And two quick notes from the official site. First, if you have AVTV you will be able to watch the Villa-Braga match live tomorrow. I hope the viewers still get Jack Woodward, as that really is the whole point of AVTV. And, in news that's adorable, Villa's Lion mascot, Bella, will be participating in the Acorns Midnight Walk. I absolutely love that Villa are partnered with Acorns, and this story is so cute. 
  • And that does it for today. Thanks, as always, for reading, and have a great weekend!