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Alan Hutton, Coming To Save The Day ... In Midfield

Choose your own explanation.
Choose your own explanation.

Aaron wrote a fantastic post a couple days ago about finding it hard to watch James Milner as a squad player for Manchester City, which got many thinking about just how weak Aston Villa's central midfield was last season. Having Jean Makoun has, and will, certainly help, and I've of the opinion that Barry Bannan is magical, of course. But it's clear that, at this point, Villa have nothing approaching Milner's box-to-box style.

But worry not, Aston Villa fans: Villa are closing in on the signing of Spurs midfielder Alan Hutton! Now, I'm not sure if Hutton could truly be a commanding central midfielder, but if we're making up positions, might as well put him in there. Or perhaps we could shift him across the field to left-winger, since OH GOD IF N'ZOGS GETS HURT WE'RE &#($)@.

I'm sure it's no surprise to anyone that I'm not thrilled with anticipated signing. While I love the idea that Great Scot steering the ship could mean more minutes for Baz, I'd prefer if there wasn't some sort of affirmative action going on in Villa wheelings and dealings. I'm also not a huge fan of Luke Young, but for goodness sake, isn't Hutton (who yes, is a right-back, despite what the Express and Star might think) more or less the same? Spurs seem to love giving us full backs that can get forward with ease, but then have immense difficulties remembering that their primary role is to defend. And goodness knows we can't count on Richard Dunne and James Collins to mop up everything at the back. 

Plus, god knows we have enough bald-headed large men on our squad. Move along, McL, and stick with that sell-to-buy policy. This is one toy we don't need.