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Aston Villa Transfer Deadline Wrap: Last Minute Moves

He's ours now! Hooray?
He's ours now! Hooray?

Well, we saw half of this coming for a few weeks. Aston Villa have officially confirmed that they have gained the services of former Tottenham defender Alan Hutton and midfielder Jermaine Jenas. There's not much else to say at this point. I imagine most of us are a bit disappointed. Neither Hutton nor Jenas have been particularly strong at Tottenham, and I don't think we've gotten an Atlas capable of carrying the team on his back. And if you're wondering why we seem so down on the deal, take a look at what Tottenham supporters are saying over at Cartilage Free Captain. Hutton will be here through 2015, and Jenas is on a one-year loan (and nothing more, according to Mat Kendrick).

But the good news is that these aren't moves that break Aston Villa. I am, perhaps irrationally, optimistic after the start Villa have shown. Sure, there have been two boring 0-0 draws, but the defense is looking good again, and Gabby is a speed demon on the left. We all know what Darren Bent has in him. A few more crosses well-placed into the box per game, and Villa could be a surprisingly good team. Who knows what we'll see from Hutton and Jenas. Perhaps they'll surprise us. All I really know is I am beyond glad that the transfer window is closed. Go get some sleep everyone.