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Aston Villa Transfer News: Alan Hutton And Jermaine Jenas Undergoing Medicals

Far from surprising but worth noting, the OS has confirmed that the Spurs duo are currently undergoing medicals at Villa Park. There's also confirmation of the widely reported belief that Jenas will be coming to the club on loan while Hutton's move will be permanent. Not the most thrilling signings in the world, but far from shocking either.

That's just where the club is right now. I don't think anyone is particularly happy about it, but there's not a whole lot that can be done. Right or wrong, Martin O'Neill racked up an astonishingly massive wage bill in pursuit of the Champions League and the club fell short of its goal; it's retrenchment time now. There are certainly other options out there that I'd have found preferable, but we don't seem all that interested in players from outside of the UK at the moment and this pair fills a need.

It is what it is. Hope they do well.