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Right Now in Non-Shocking Alan Hutton News

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After almost having his transfer usurped by Fulham, the Scottish FA released a statement saying that Alan Hutton was leaving the Tartan Army's camp to discuss terms of a transfer with Aston Villa. As per the Guardian's Scottish football expert Ewan Murray (in their online transfer day liveblog), the statement was later amended to omit the words "Aston Villa" and rephrased it as a "possible transfer," but I imagine that's more diplomacy than an omen of Fulham sneaking Hutton out from under Alex McLeish's nose. 

So, until something else happens, Alan Hutton will probably be an Aston Villa player. Which, I suppose, is better than nothing. He seems to be a good replacement for Luke Young, if not an improvement, but he's hardly worth getting too excited about.