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Aston Villa May Need A Central Midfielder, But Not This One

Well, Aston Villa do like midfielders who are good at warming the bench.
Well, Aston Villa do like midfielders who are good at warming the bench.

Seriously, Aston Villa? You've got just a few hours left before the transfer window slams shut and all you're going to offer us is Jermaine Jenas? Is the Villa just a clearinghouse for Tottenham Hotspur rejects now? Oh, I'm sorry, apparently there's reason to have Jenas:

He was the only player of the Tottenham squad to hit the bar in the Sky Soccer AM crossbar challenge in May 2009.

(Thank you, Wikipedia. I come to you for age information and you give me nuggets such as this one)

Look, we do have a central midfield problem. But it's not to do with who's on the Villa squad, it's to do with who is being played. We've said it time and time again around these parts: Give Barry Bannan a start, or actually use Stephen Ireland. There's no point in having Ireland's wages, at least, clogging up the bench. 

And there's also no point in signing a player whose occasional flashes of brilliance are surrounded by uselessness. In fact, I can't say it any better than our friends at Cartilage Free Captain:

Jenas has proven himself capable of doing absolutely nothing in his time at Spurs. He's positionally poor, weak in the tackle, lazy and gives the ball away too easily. The shame is that hes actually talented and occasionally resembles a professional footballer, but it is all too rare.

I hate deadline day.