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"Have we no wine here?!" Transfer Deadline Open Thread

Hopefully he's out there wheeling and dealing.
Hopefully he's out there wheeling and dealing.

We've got a little more than seven and a half hours left in the transfer deadline. Thus far today Aston Villa has done absolutely nothing, but rumors continue to hang in the air. We will try to get news up as quickly as possible for you, but feel free to use this as a forum to talk about transfers across the world. See Arsenal do something particularly stupid? Well, who hasn't? But talk about it here!

Hopefully, if all works out, this will be a day in which we may be a little disappointed but not driven to the bottle. (What does it say that I am hoping for "slight dissapointment"?) In the meantime, check out today's roundup (including Aaron's prolific Tuesday) and Kirsten's take on a defender Villa should target (but probably won't). Do remember that we may not hear of everything by exactly 11 PM London time. It takes a few minutes for all the moves to hit the wire.