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Whither Our Davide Santon, Aston Villa?

He's played against Edison Cavani, for goodness sake.
He's played against Edison Cavani, for goodness sake.

Why, oh why, is Aston Villa so focused on finding players from Great Britain and Ireland? Like the currently playing midfield, the creativity of the club's transfers is, well, non-existent. Yes, Enda Stevens has just been signed, and at least he has a fun name. But where's he from? Oh wait, Ireland. A move for the future, but not a move for now.

Meanwhile, Inter Milan had a defender just sitting around, waiting to be picked up. Davide Santon, capped for the Italian senior squad seven times now, went off on loan to Cesena last season, and with the success of Yuto Nagatomo in the nerazzurri shirt, it was clear there wouldn't really be a place for Santon in the squad. The youngster -- he's just 20 -- can play on both the left or the right, and is well-known for his ability to get forward.

So why, why why why, has Santon gone to Newcastle? The sad part about this is that it's unlikely the thought of buying him even crossed the minds of the Villa, despite his reported low cost of £5m. Take a look at what's happening with this club. Luke Young has been sold to QPR. Stephen Warnock is...well, he's adequate, which is more than we can say for his performances last season. Eric Lichaj is injured. The aforementioned Stevens won't even join the squad until January. Chris Herd has no thoughts in his mind, beyond what might be his next tattoo or haircut. 

But by all means, let's continue to evaluate by means of looking at those who have played in England, or who grew up in Scotland, or who speaks a few words of Welsh. This club really has no need for a young, versatile fullback.

A serious wondering -- is it the club clinging to its past? Its pride in being an "English" club? (If so, it's time to give our kids a chance again) Is residual racism at work here? Clearly it's not a black or white issue -- take a look at Villa's makeup -- but more of an ethnocentric-ism, a belief that only players from certain regions should come to the club?