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Aston Villa Transfer News: The Signing To Enda Signings

Mat Kendrick confirms; Aston Villa have signed 21-year-old Shamrock Rovers and Ireland U-21 international Enda Stevens. Stevens typically features as a left back but has also played in as a center half for Rovers. No details on transfer fee, length of contract or any of that business but it is being reported that Stevens will stay with Shamrock Rovers until January, which is incredibly bizarre.

I know next to nothing about Enda Stevens, Shamrock Rovers, League of Ireland or young Irish internationals, but I can say with a fair bit of confidence that this is one for the future. I'm willing to trust the club's scouting on this one. He's young, (presumably) cheap and adds depth to a position that really lacks it at the moment. The chances of him making any sort of impact with the senior squad this season are slim to none, but being slightly panicked about the current state of the senior squad doesn't mean we can't be pleased with the signing of a young player that appears to have some decent upside.

I apologize for that horrible pun; it's been a rough day.