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Alex McLeish And A Cheeky Wink

I lost a bet. I bet that Udinese could beat Arsenal in Champions League qualification. In return, my twitter icon is now Alex McLeish giving the world a very troubling grin and wink. Now, I'm stuck staring at my followers count, wondering just how many I'll lose due to the fact that McLeish is, shall we say, not a pretty man. Vanity, thy name is Kirsten.

Having Non-Sir as my twitter icon for a week wasn't supposed to be a terrible punishment. I even apologized to him after the Fulham match, saying my preconceptions had been wrong, and that he deserved a chance at Aston Villa. It seemed McLeish wasn't going to be quite as defensive as I feared, and maybe we'd even see a bit of pretty football.

Sometimes it's easier just not to have hope. Then, you can't be disappointed.

Since the first match of the season, Aston Villa supporters have been treated to the sight of Charles N'Zogbia on the right, because Gabriel Agbonlahor is now a left-winger, and god knows there has to be room for Emile Heskey playing behind the striker. We're stuck with Stiliyan Petrov in central midfield. Barry Bannan and Stephen Ireland huddle on the bench together for warmth, sometimes allowing Marc Albrighton to share their blankie. Luke Young is off to QPR and, even more worryingly, Jean Makoun has gone. 

The Non-Sir twitter icon was meant to be just in jest, a laugh. Now, it feels as though he's laughing at me.