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Is Alan Hutton Even An Aston Villa Transfer Rumour Anymore?

Take a look at Aston Villa's new defender conceding a penalty kick!
Take a look at Aston Villa's new defender conceding a penalty kick!

Aston Villa managed to sell Luke Young to Queens Park Rangers, who clearly have an excess of money right now to be able to afford his ridiculous wages. So how does Alex McLeish propose to use the money freed up by the second Young's sale? Why, on Alan Hutton, of course. Who is now behind our old friend Kyle Walker in players Harry Rednapp is willing to use.

The last time I critiqued Hutton in this space, I made a couple of Scots quite angry -- apparently they think the defender is pretty good, and that Tottenham Hotspur simply haven't used him correctly. And to be fair, there really aren't a lot of spectacular right backs playing in England. But it doesn't seem that putting Hutton at right back will solve Villa's problems.

I've made no secret of wanting Luke Young to go. He's anonymous half the game, his decision making prompts me to reach for the bottle, and I've never understood why he can't actually defend. Yet bringing in Hutton solves none of these problems. With Stephen Warnock on the left, the Villa already have one fullback that should never attempt to cross a ball. Why bring in another one? 

Sure, the team could use a player that gets forward more, and effectively. And if Non-Sir is going to insist on using two defensive midfielders per match, then maybe it's not absolutely necessary to have defenders that can defend. But good god, if we're going that route, at least grab someone that can cross. Someone that can provide service to Darren Bent. Someone that helps the Villa score more than three goals in an entire season.

Or just use the kids, damn it, and save the £3m. It may seem like pocket change, but when you throw it in the jar with the other pounds we're not spending, it's just going to continue to grow and grow and we can afford a real player!