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Could Jonathan Hogg Be Leaving Villa Park?

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Sky Sports is reporting that Jonathan Hogg may be about ready to become a Watford Hornet on a 3-year deal. The Villa Youngster, who made his debut in the amazing Manchester United game at Villa Park last October, had signed a new contract to stay in Birmingham until 2013. After a loan last year in Portsmouth, however, the midfielder began attracting attention, at it appears he may be joining Andreas Weimann as the latest Villa export to Vicarage Road.

Hogg has shown some definite talent, but there doesn't seem to have been much chance for him to get first-team play this year. With the rest of the midfield (and the depth for the position) being comprised of primarily young players, this doesn't seem like it will be a terrible loss for Villa. If the money from this sale can be used to help get another piece (presumably one which will come primarily as a result of the sale of Luke Young), I don't think we can be too angry.

How do you all feel about the move? A wise choice for Aston Villa, or a folly?