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Exeter City Vs. Liverpool And Champions League Action Open Match Thread

Chris Shephard. Yes, he really is that tiny. And adorable.
Chris Shephard. Yes, he really is that tiny. And adorable.

Sup guys? I'm coming to you from the past, writing this up on Tuesday because on Wednesday, Aaron and I will be watching the replay of Exeter City vs Liverpool, and ergo not able to pay any attention to the internet during the match. The wisdom of going to a Liverpool bar for this game is to be determined, but hey, when do Exeter get national attention? Plus, you should be able to find coverage of this match, as it's Liverpool and all, rather than being reduced to attempting to follow the match through Twitter like on Tuesday.

That's why I thought we'd put up this open match thread. Considering my strange obsessiveness with the club -- strange to the US, anyway -- I know others have decided to play as Exeter on Football Manager and developed their own fondness for the Grecians. So let's get a little Exeter love going today, shall we? And for those who want to know more about this League 1 side, read this post by Gary Andrews.

Not a fan of the League Cup? There's Champions League action you can catch as well, with Udinese - Arsenal probably your best choice -- at least, in my opinion. Check out my preview (because yes, I self promote). Forza Udinese and Forza Exeter!