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Carlos Bocanegra Signs With Rangers, Making A Carlos Cuellar Exit From Aston Villa Seem Unlinkely

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Rangers have just announced the signing of AS Saint-Étienne defender (and United States national team captain) Carlos Bocanegra to a three year contract. I really hate this move for Bocanegra because I hate any move that involves a player I like going to Scotland, but for the purposes of this site that's largely irrelevant. What is relevant is that Bocanegra is a fairly similar player to Carlos Cuellar. And while I (shockingly, I know) have no inside information, I'd say that puts the odds of Cuellar moving back to Ibrox at slim to none.

There's no way of knowing for sure (at least until the transfer window closes) and it's entirely possible that another club will come in with an offer for the defender before the close of the window. But for now, it looks like Cuellar is going to be with Villa until January at the very least. Not terrible news if you're of the opinion that the depth across the back is an issue, not great news if you're more concerned with the depth in the center of the park seeing as how funds from a sale of Carlos look to be the only way Alex McLeish is going to bringing in new players before the winter.