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Carlos Cuellar Set To Stay At Aston Villa

At least if Cuellar stays, we'll have more photos of him to show you.
At least if Cuellar stays, we'll have more photos of him to show you.

Good news, Carlos Cuellar fans! It appears our favorite Spaniard is set to stay with Aston Villa. Unfortunately for him, though, it's due to his ongoing injury struggles. After his knee surgery earlier in the summer, King Carlos won't be fully fit for a few more weeks, and apparently that's just too long to wait for Rangers.

On one hand, this is lovely news for a team that desperately needs some defensive cover. Cuellar is a center back, of course, but we've all seen him used on the right and he's certainly adequate. If you honestly think that Luke Young, Richard Dunne and James Collins will all stay perfectly fit this season, well, I want some of whatever you're drinking. In fact, we weren't even sure Collins would be fit for the Fulham match.

But on the other hand, Alex McLeish has let it be known that in order to make more signings, the Villa need to clear some weight off the wage bill. I'd be much more pleased if that weight came in the form of Luke Young's bloated earnings, but no one's going to take that off our hands. If Cuellar doesn't go, that means Villa are almost certainly not going to make a move for Thomas Hitzlsperger. Sad. 

In more pleasant news: The Villa are back. HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!