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Road To Fulham: Will Aston Villa's Season Start On Saturday?

I expected a long road to Fulham. After all, waiting for the first match of the Premier League season is always a bit agonizing. But now, it seems we might have to wait just a bit longer to see our beloved Aston Villa take the pitch. It's like we're sitting in a traffic jam on the way to Craven Cottage, torn between risking getting out of the car to see what's up ahead and staying behind the wheel in case we start moving again.

Sorry for the tedious metaphors, but this is a bit of a tough issue to address. Yes, we all want the Premier League to start again. Yet should our match be canceled, to be angry would seem petty. Both London and Birmingham (and other cities) experienced needless looting and destruction of property. People lost their homes and their livelihoods. And while Fulham is typically a safe area, I can't help thinking that providing the police presence necessary at matches would take away from the forces needed to keep the cities calm.

It does seem likely that the matches will go ahead this weekend (except Spurs v Everton, which has already been canceled), but we're meant to find out at 6pm UK time. If they do, wonderful, and I only hope that there's no reason to fear that the UK will fall into madness -- beyond football madness -- once again. If they don't, please remember that there is life beyond the football, and perhaps use that time into giving a little something back to your neighborhoods -- just like so many spontaneously did after the riots.