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Monday AVFC Links: DJ Campbell may be a Villa Target, Team Getting Ready for Season, and Cheese

And Charlie Brown swore that he'd never let Lucy pull the football away from him again.
And Charlie Brown swore that he'd never let Lucy pull the football away from him again.

I apologize that these links are a bit late this morning. I got into work, and they had me doing actual work. I'm not sure what that was all about, but I'll see if they can't reschedule my actual work around blogging. Anyhow, onto the links, with a fresh transfer rumor!

  • Let's start with the most interesting news. Apparently Aston Villa are in the hunt for another forward, as the Express and Star reports that they have made their interest known in Blackpool striker DJ Campbell. Campbell is pretty cheap, and if the rumor is true, I like the idea. Queens Park Rangers are also in the hunt for the striker, and I wouldn't pin a lot of hope that we'd get him, but it's worth knowing.
  • In news of the young, Marc Albrighton and Gary Gardner both thoroughly enjoyed their trips to Hong Kong, but for different reasons. According to the Birmingham Mail, Gary was excited to receive his first-team debut in Saturday's failed attempt at the Asia Trophy, and he hopes it leads to more time on the squad. If Stephen Ireland proves that he can't cut it this year, I wouldn't be averse to seeing more of Gardner. He's only 19, and if he can get started early, he'd be a great asset for Villa. 

    Also in the B-Mail was this little bit that proves Marc Albrighton is still super-adorable. He was quite excited to see his face plastered on tram cars, and is coming to terms with being one of the team's brightest stars. At one point in the trip, he was apparently mobbed by fans. I'm really writing this bit so Matt has a link to a "Marc being Marc" story to make his day better. 
  • Alex McLeish plans on giving the team today off from practicing, but they'll be right back at it tomorrow and Thursday, with friendlies on Wednesday and Friday. I feel like we've seen more friendlies this year than last, and I'm interested to see how that plays out in the early part of the season. 
  • The bad news about the team getting the day off is that we are dashing the hopes of new winger Charles N'Zogbia, who was chuffed to meet and practice with his new teammates today. If anyone sees Roach walking forlornly down the streets of Birmingham, kicking a pebble, be sure to cheer him up and remind him that he'll have a brand-new batch of friends tomorrow!
  • Finally, in a link that doesn't affect the team at all, a VMF (Villa-Midlands-Food) event was held at which many local cheeses were tasted. From what I can tell, VMF seems to be some sort of culinary school, which is fantastic. Yet, the only thing I can think of when reading that article is the Monty Python cheese shop sketch. I hope that's what the evening was really like. 

That's it for today's links. Have a fantastic day, and we'll be sure to let you know if anything big happens.