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Friday Links: Stewart Downing Saga Continues and Darren Bent to Make Major Announcement on Twitter

The new jersey would look a bit like this.
The new jersey would look a bit like this.

If you've read Kirsten's Shay Given story below, you've gotten all of the major news for the day. But, there are a few things here and there worth noting, so get ready for your Friday links!

  • Mat Kendrick, of the Birmingham Mail, has a pretty good piece on what Aston Villa should be looking for from Liverpool in return for Stewart Downing. If you read Aaron's take earlier in the week, you'll notice a lot of similarity. It appears that the collective consciousness is coming to an agreement on what should be done with Stewie. 
  • In other Stewie news, Alex McLeish was to have had his talk with the winger today in an attempt to convince him to stay at the club. I haven't heard anything about the results of that yet, if it has even happened, but I certainly hope it was successful. 
  • Training started today, and all of the first team players were present (save a few who still had U-21 commitments). Adrian Lamb, formerly of Blackburn and Newcastle, is apparently the team's new fitness coach. 
  • Finally Darren Bent plans to make a big announcement on twitter today. He tweeted from his account (@DarrenBent) "As soon as I know I've got the no.9 I will confirm it on here for everyone asking. Don't want to say before it happens, hope i find out 2moz." 7500 to Holte will continue to monitor this exceptionally important news for you. 
  • And that's it for today! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and be sure to check here for any updates throughout.