Potential Villa Formations

After getting bored yesterday, I decided to start a new game on the crack cocaine that is better known as Football Manager.  (I have a Villa FM game started, but I keep getting frustrated and exiting the game in the middle of a match against Manchester United, cause fucking Chicharito keeps scoring against me.  Fuck him.)  I picked a 2nd division Icelandic team with the entire purpose of fooling around with it, which lead me to use this formation on the suggestion of some people from right here at 7500.

I somehow only lost 2-1, but it got me thinking of other formations that we would either love or be terrified if the new boss rolled out this August.

The Big Eck Special


Five at the back, two defensive midfielders, and one up top.  Only way it could be more perfectly boring is if Carew was still around, and it was him up top, as a target man.


The team that could drive anyone to being sick.  Between the two fullbacks falling all over themselves, and Petrov firing shots from outside the box, I'm not sure I could make it through that match. (I realize two of these people are no longer with the club, but oh well. This is also probably a bit hard on Herd, but his performance was the least inspiring of the lil' Villans.)

Team Adorable

Captain Elf leads this adorable bunch of Villans.  I have no idea who Ellis Deeney is, but he sounds like a chimney sweep, so he gets to make the XI.

Would Be Fun

They would leak a lot of goals, but at least it would be enjoyable.

The 'Why the Hell Not' XI

Let's go all Chile on them.

For Some Lulz

No doubt the bruising Bannan, would be Villa's best defender since Paul McGrath.  And lest we forget Dunnealdinho's display towards the end of the season.

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