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Aston Villa And Wigan Agree To Deal, In Principle, For Charles N'Zogbia

I kinda wish we weren't snatching a Wigan player.
I kinda wish we weren't snatching a Wigan player.

According to the always hard-working Mat Kendrick, Aston Villa and Wigan have finally agreed to a deal for Charles N'Zogbia, although the Latics have yet to confirm. If the deal goes through, the Frenchman will sign a five-year contract with the Villa (although goodness knows contracts really mean nothing these days, so why we care about their length is a bit beyond me). What is important to note is that personal terms could be discussed today, over the phone, If things go well, he could fly to England for his medical. It's unlikely, though, that N'Zogbia will join the team in Hong Kong, given he doesn't have a visa for the tournament.

Which is too bad, really -- it seems as though trips like this have the ability to really bond players together. Perhaps it's the million degree heat and humidity? I think the Villa should go on a whitewater rafting adventure to promote team spirit, a la Napoli, but for some reason, the club never listens to my ideas. No matter, if N'Zog signs, he'll still have a few weeks to get used to the team.

More news about Hong Kong coming up -- if I can ever find a coherent schedule for this thing, that is. Or can stop listening to Barry Bannan on the Hong Kong live blog.