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It's Time For Fantasy Football!

It's that time of year again -- time to choose your players, based more on allegiances and hatred than any rational thought of skill, time to spend days thinking up a clever name, time to scour the fixture lists and determine who will be best suited to taking a place in the starting XI. That's right, it's fantasy football time, and 7500 to Holte has its own league for you to join.

We did it last year and it petered out a bit, mostly on account of the fact that the league stopped sending me "TIME TO UPDATE YOUR TEAM" emails and so I forgot about it. But this time, there's even more incentive for you to join the 7500 to Holte league: a prize for the winner! No, I don't know what, exactly, it will be yet, but you'll get a little token to add to the joy of being the best on 7500.

So go join up (Site is here, confirmation code is 229455-69594). Then leave a comment telling us what your team name is -- because you won't be able to claim your prize without us knowing you're truly a member of our crazy little community.

Forza, Green Eggs & Hamsik!

(Ed. Note: Timestamp updated to keep comments open.)