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Monday Aston Villa Links: Cuellar Still Undecided, and N'Zogbia? More like N'zzzzzzzzzzz

Well, all of the important news of the day has been covered by Kirsten. Check here for an update on the soon-to-be-signed Shay Given, and here for a story that barely lasted long enough to allow Kirsten to dream. You know, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Vargas rumor gain some legs, especially if the N'Zogbia thing never happens. But that's entirely a hunch. Onto the links!

  • Contrary to what we heard last week, Carlos Cuellar's move to Rangers is anything but imminent. Gordon Smith, director of football operations for the Glasgow club, has said that there are problems holding the deal back. In the Express and Star article, Cuellar's wages are mentioned, as the Rangers can only afford about 25,000 per week, while Carlos is currently receiving around 40,000. Additionally, there is the slight hitch that Carlos is also considering a return to Spain to play for Espanyol. I'm hoping the plethora of options confuses the defender and that he remains in Birmingham next year. 
  • The more you know: apparently a nickname for Rangers FC is "The Teddy Bears." I imagine many of you knew this, but if you didn't, I hope you find it as fascinating and adorable as I did. If Carlos must leave Villa, he has to be a Teddy Bear, right? 
  • In yet another neverending Aston Villa transfer saga, Villa have apparently seen a 10 million pound offer rejected by Wigan Athletic for winger Charles N'Zogbia. We're starting to reach the territory where I wonder if Aston Villa wouldn't be overpaying for N'Zogbia. As Kirsten pointed out, maybe it's time that Villa remember that there is a world outside of the British Isles. 
And that's it for today. You can rest assured that we'll have something about Shay Given once the move becomes final. But with the way this transfer window has gone, I expect that to be on Thursday or never.