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Aston Villa Target Peru Captain And Fiorentina Winger Juan Manuel Vargas

A girl can dream, right?
A girl can dream, right?

In news that will likely only further crush the dreams and hopes of Aaron and I, Aston Villa are reportedly chasing Fiorentina winger Juan Manuel Vargas. The Peru captain has lead his team into the semi-finals of this year's Copa America with a 2-0 extra-time victory over Colombia, so it's possible that this rumor was just pulled out of thin air. The Villa just lost Stewart Downing -- here's a winger that's on everyone's radar, so let's link them!

But there's always a chance that the pursuit of Vargas is genuine. In which case, it's worth getting excited about. First of all, it would be nice to have a player that speaks a foreign language, wears a headband, and is not Robert Pires. But for realsies, we need a left-winger, like, desperately (Gabriel Agbonlahor does not count), and Vargas is worth splashing some You-ing cash on the Peruvian. He's speedy going forward and an excellent crosser of the ball, which is enough to make Villa supporters ask, "Stewart, who?"

Vargas is also great at shooting from distance, which means perhaps he can teach Stiliyan Petrov a thing or two. And, get this, he's able to score from free kicks. That's right, we could land a player that's actually able to take a set piece and not look absolutely stupid.

It's believed that Vargas is worth £13m, although that might have gone up after the tournament. Juventus are linked with the winger (although, to be fair, Juventus are linked with anyone, ever, that has ever played calcio), as are Liverpool. Because apparently Liverpool want to collect every midfielder ever created. 

He might be pricier than Charles N'Zogbia, but Vargas would certainly be worth the money -- he's not just impressing on the world stage, but has been a steady presence with the Viola for five years, playing for the club in the Champions League. Would we rather have a player that looked shiny at Wigan, or one that has held his own with the tops of Serie A? I'd love an attack composed of Vargas - Barry Bannan - Marc Albrighton with Darren Bent up front.

It'll never happen. Villa never give me nice things. But it's nice to think the club are at least pursuing such a player.