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Transfer Rumor: Carlos Cuellar Probably Headed to Rangers

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Well this is just getting absurd now, isn't it? According to a report from the Birmingham Mail, Carlos Cuellar's agent has confirmed that terms have been reached and Carlos is free to negotiate terms with the Scottish club Rangers. Apparently Villa will be receiving around 2 million pounds, which isn't too bad of a net for an oft-injured defender. The details on the story may, of course, change, but I don't see why Cuellar's agent would lie to the press. So I guess I'd take this to be on the more reliable end of rumors. 

And that's unfortunate, because Villa need help in the defense, and losing one of the more skilled players they have is probably not the best thing the club could have hoped for. The 2 million could, obviously be turned into someone else, but I can't be alone in the desire to see players coming into Birmingham rather than leaving it. Unless Randy Lerner has figured out some way to turn raw money into a world-class soccer player. If he's done that, then I am all for this hording plan we seem to have going.