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Ciaran Clark Urges Alex McLeish to Get Kyle Walker Back to Villa Park

That's levitation holmes!
That's levitation holmes!

It's fair to say that the Kyle Walker experiment at Aston Villa was a success last season. The right back was tenacious in defense, and showed a fantastic ability to charge up the wing and add to the attack. There were times when we saw what a unified attack up one side could look like. That's not to say that Walker didn't have his problems. At times, he was overly ambitious and left gaping holes in the back line, and he didn't take too well to criticism from the fans. But what can you expect, he's 21! Despite his flaws, I don't think you'd find a Villa fan who wouldn't want him back next year, as he has potential to grow and could become a valuable player in one of the team's weaker units.

So we should all be cheering news that players are encouraging Alex McLeish to bring Walker back to Bodymoor Heath. Ciaran Clark, in particular, seemed to enjoy his days training and playing next to Walker, and is urging Big Eck to bring the defender back. The problem I see with this, however, is that Villa would likely have to bring Walker back on another loan. 

In the short-term, this would be great for Villa. Some depth would be added, and we'd have a player who would likely start the majority of games. But unless there is an option to make the move permanent, it doesn't seem like a direction Villa should head. The team has a new manager, and has shown a commitment to spending. They should be putting pieces in place that will be around for a few years, and who can become part of McLeish's system. I've no doubt that Walker would do well under McLeish, but what's the point if Villa lose him to Tottenham in 6 months or a year?

As it stands, I can't get behind this move too much. It would make me happy to see Walker in the claret and blue again, but I'd just like to know that he would be staying.