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Everybody Breathe: Aston Villa to wait on managerial decision, Mark Hughes is still a possibility

<em>Hou</em> can take his spot? Thank you, thank you. I'll be here all week.
Hou can take his spot? Thank you, thank you. I'll be here all week.

We can all take a step back from the endless managerial rumors that have been floating around Aston Villa this week. Timothy Abraham of the Express and Star brings us news that the club will be pushing the search for a new gaffer into high gear next week. The time info isn't in the linked story, but Timothy mentioned it in his tweet that announced the article.  And while he points out that Villa have obviously cooled on the idea of Mark Hughes as their next leader, he hasn't been "completely discarded." 

None of this should come as any surprise, and I would argue that it's good news. While we all recognize that Villa need to settle the manger situation quickly, I don't think anyone wants a hasty decision that is poorly thought-out. Whether the move is made today, or in a week from today probably makes very little difference, so why not get it right?

What is a bit disheartening is the continued interest, however little it may be, in Mark Hughes. At the risk of repeating this into the ground, Hughes is not a good fit if we want to see this team succeed on the strength of its own young talent. He is, by no means, a bad manager, and he has shown a deft touch in the transfer market. But he will bring boring soccer to Villa Park, and that's something none of us want. I hope that what Timothy wrote is there primarily to keep page views up and Villa have no interest in Hughes. Let's see Villa make a move towards being a fun club to watch.