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Out Of Touch: Your Turn To Give Me The Scoop On Aston Villa

Hey dudes! We're going to try something a little different today. For the past week, I haven't had much internet access. When I do have it, it's not on my own computer, so I don't have easy access to saved tabs, or even to twitter, as for some reason this borrowed computer doesn't like to load twitter. In other words, I'm totally disconnected from the world.

For someone used to having her smart phone at her side at all times, even while sleeping, this is disturbing. My Italian is sufficient to allow me to read headlines from the sport newspapers here, but unless it's about Manchester City chasing (or now giving up the chase) Alexis Sanchez, there's nothing much about English clubs. I'm not sure an Italian newspaper has ever printed the words "Aston Villa." Oh, wait, there were those Nigel Reo-Coker rumors...

So have at it, boys and girls. What have I missed? I want you to tell me what, in your opinion, was the most important bit of Villa news in the past week. Go ahead and tell me the best rumor too. Or the most frightening one. And for a laugh, tell me the most hilarious one. That one doesn't even have to be Villa related -- I just want to know the football rumor that made you laugh the most in the past few days.

Have at it!