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Women's World Cup Open Thread

It feels great to be watching soccer again.
It feels great to be watching soccer again.

Well, we had numerous threads last summer for the World Cup, so why not have at least one for the Women's version? I've been watching while at work, and the soccer has been as enjoyable as anything we watched with Villa this year. Obviously, I'm hoping the US Women can add a third star above their crest (and they're off to a good start by beating North Korea 2-0), but I bet a number of you are pulling for England. The host country is Germany. 

So feel free to use this thread as a place to discuss the matches in general. I'll be sure to chip in when I get the chance to watch. For today, we've got the first round of group D matches, with Norway taking on Equatorial Guinea at 9 AM Eastern time (6 AM Pacific and 2 PM London) and Brazil (one of the favorites this tournament) facing Australia at 12:15 Eastern (9:15 Pacific, 5:15 London). 

If you're in the states, all of the games are on ESPN and ESPN3. Elsewhere... find yourself a feed. And sadly, vuvuzelas don't seem to be popular in this tournament.