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Ashley Young Finally Leaves Aston Villa, Signs With Manchester United

Dear God, please don't make me cross off the last one. 
Love, Kirsten
Dear God, please don't make me cross off the last one. Love, Kirsten

Everyone, let out the breath you've been holding. Ashley Young has finally signed with Manchester United, putting pen to paper on a five-year deal. Aston Villa have been attempting to convince Ash to stay for what seems like years now (practically since he first signed for the club back in 2007), but it's been almost a given that he would be gone at the end of this season. With just one year left on his contract and an unwillingness to discuss the future during a disappointing season, everyone knew Young was leaving.

And now it's finally done. Ashley Young will take the field next season in the red of Manchester United, finally getting what he's felt he deserved all these years: Champions League football. And maybe Young is right. Maybe he does deserve a spot at the top. Or perhaps he'll finally gain a bit of perspective on just how good he really is.

I'm not an Ash hater, really, I'm not. I have his kit and I find him to be an excellent player, fun to watch, exciting both on the wing and behind the striker. But it's been clear for at least half a season that he's had his mind elsewhere. And that's fine, I suppose. Better than having a player that truly doesn't want to be at the club. At the same time, I would have loved to see a Bent and Young partnership that had worked together all season, that had finally figured things out. Things could've got really interesting.

Alas, it was not meant to be. There will be plenty of time over the next few weeks to talk about who might take Ash's place, or if it will be filled at all. We can mock his corners and we can discuss how United might handle his pouts. But for now, let's just say goodbye, shall we? After all, he really did give us a few good years.

So what's your favorite Ash moment?