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Aston Villa Unveil New Away Kit

Press release at the OS.

Slideshow here.

The shirt itself is...uh...checker-y. Initial impression? Not a fan. I don't like the crewneck, I don't care for the faux-monotone and I absolutely detest the sponsor logo (especially the fact that it contains the word 'casinos' as opposed to just the Genting name itself.) I do like the flat claret shorts with black numbers and will at least give credit to Genting for altering the color scheme of their logo; my least favorite part of last season's shirt was the bright red FxPro logo clashing with the rest of the color scheme.

It might grow on me yet we still have the keeper shirt and home shirt (which is far more important) to come. But on its own? Ugh. At least as a first impression. I get the concept, I like some of the details, but as a finished product I just do not care for it at all.