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Aston Villa Announce Genting As New Sponsor; Away Shirt To Be Revealed Tomorrow

Genting is a Malaysian resort and casino developer with properties in Asia, North America and the United Kingdom (and three in Birmingham.) As Mat Kendrick hinted at earlier today this not exactly a household name, but they're certainly an emerging global company with some ties to the area. On my own personal desirability scale, this is a step above a gambling website (or any website for that matter) and the corporate logo is largely inoffensive and should blend with the color scheme fairly well. On first reaction I prefer it to FxPro and I certainly prefer to something like 188Bet, but it's still no ACORNS.



The club announced earlier today on their Facebook page that the away shirt would be revealed tomorrow, but the basic concept has been floating around for a bit now and the club's 'denial' of its look was less than committal at best. I'll wait to see the finished product in action of course, but I have to say that the design concept has grown on me and it seems like the kind of shirt that would look even better on the players. I for one hated last year's kits when they were announced, but the more I saw them the more I became a fan. But most people will probably hate them and blame Alex McLeish.