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Aston Villa Transfer Rumors: Michael Bradley Loan May Become Permanent

People of Birmingham, he comes in peace!
People of Birmingham, he comes in peace!

The twitter-sphere is alive with rumors that Michael Bradley is on the verge of joining Aston Villa permanently from Borussia Monchengladbach. I'm willing to run with this story in its embryonic rumor phase mostly because it's seems so incredibly plausible. Villa received an extension to consider their Bradley options earlier in the month, and it appears as if they have decided to keep Bradley around. And really, if the price is right, this isn't a bad deal.

What little we saw of the USMNT midfielder for Villa this year was disappointing, but he seemed to be doing a little better near the end. Adding to this hope were the reports from training which were always quite high on Bradley. It's tough for me to say too much about this deal without knowing the numbers behind it, but as a theoretical abstract I support it. Bradley can add a bit of toughness to the center of the midfield, and he is still young enough to have room for development. The move would not be a season-changer for Villa, but Bradley should bring some above-average skill to the bench. And all-in-all, that's not too bad.