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Alex McLeish Attempts To Win Over Aston Villa Fans With A Bid For Charlie Adam

Is it too much to ask to have Aston Villa pursue just one attractive player?
Is it too much to ask to have Aston Villa pursue just one attractive player?

What do you do when you've recently been appointed the manager of your former club's biggest rivals, and rather than a welcoming committee, are greeted by a multitude of protesters who hate you simply because you used to lead some dreaded scum? Well, like all wise men, you show up with a bouquet of expensive flowers, a box of Belgian chocolates, and diamonds -- otherwise known as Blackpool midfielder Charlie Adam. That's right, Alex McLeish is trying to woo Aston Villa supporters by preparing a £9m bid for the player that most supporters were clamoring for back in January.

Most fans of English football absolutely adore Adam, who admittedly was the primary reason the Tangerines secured the final place in the Premier League for 2010-2011. But those who think the Scot was the only reason Blackpool managed to play so well for so long are deluding themselves. Yes, he's a fine, steady player, but he's not magic -- unfortunately. 

The main problem with McLeish making Adam his first target is that Villa do not absolutely need a midfielder at this moment. Yeah, Nigel Reo-Coker has left the club, sadly enough. Yes, we've seen enough of Stiliyan Petrov's thirty-yard misses to know it's likely time to give Cappy a bit of time on the bench. But what of Michael Bradley? We still don't know his status, but it's been assumed that McLeish would like to make his move permanent. Fabian Delph absolutely deserves a chance on the first team. And then, of course, is the Scot we already have. I'm convinced that Barry Bannan could step in and take on Ashley Young's role, playing just behind Darren Bent, but I have no idea if our new manager believes the same.

It's not that Charlie Adam wouldn't be a quality addition to the Villa side. It's simply that the reality of the situation remains: even with £16m from the sale of Ashley Young, Randy Lerner is not handing out a blank check. McLeish won't have an enormous transfer budget. So let's focus, please. Defense. Bring in Scott Dann, if Birmingham City are willing to stop acting like spoiled brats. Find a goalkeeper, preferably one with decent fashion sense. When that's sorted, then you can start adding the pretty accessories.

Besides, we don't need another player that will have to be removed from the Villa lineup at the last minute due to a tummy ache, inability to sleep, or appendicitis. And after reading this -- "On 1 November, Adam overcame a fear of needles to play in Blackpool's 2–1 victory over West Bromwich Albion" -- I'm afraid Adam will simply be joining Marc Albrighton and Gabriel Agbonlahor on the fainting couch.