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And Now To Take Your Mind Off Of Alex McLeish: Aston Villa Players Make Fun Of The Way Brad Guzan Dresses


They make fun of the way Americans in general dress, and while my first inclination might be to take offense I remember that people here wear flip flops and sweatpants that say things like "SeXXXy Brat" across the butt to the grocery store. So, you win this one England.

There's only a brief snippet of Guzan defending himself against the charges and in it he is wearing what at first glance looks like a Seattle Mariners t-shirt but upon closer inspection is a black clock with teal hands. Which, in the defense of the folks saying he dresses terribly, is pretty terrible. We also learn that his size 13 feet make him-at least in the eyes of Gabriel Agbonlahor and Carlos Cuellar-incapable of ever dressing fashionably, which had me looking self consciously at my feet for about 15 minutes.

In other observations, Barry Bannan really does appear to be kind of a cocky little twerp.